Ericeira Bicycle Rentals

The best rental bicycles in Ericeira, delivered to you.

If you’re looking for a great bike to ride around Ericeira or go out on the trails, then we have your wheels! With flexible bike hire options and the best guided bike tours in town and beyond, our goal is to make sure you get the best time while enjoying your stay in Ericeira!

Rental Bike Prices:

Bike 1 day 3 days 7 days
Kona Lava Dome (Standard MTB) 15€ 42€ 90€
Kona Mahuna (Premium MTB) 22€ 60€ 130€

Included with the rental:

  • Pickup and delivery at your accommodation (min. 2 rentals, days or bikes) or one of our pickup points (ask us for the closest to you ).

  • Spare tube, air pump, tyre levers, bike lock.


  • Helmet - 3€ / day

  • Bike Water Bottle 600ml (brand new, BPA free) - 4€ (yours to keep)

  • Surf board Rack - 3€ / day

  • Child Seat (up to 22kg) - 5€ / day

Great service, Bruno will deliver bikes to where you are staying and at your convenience. Quick to answer calls and questions. Bikes are in really good shape and quality. A map of trails might be helpful for those that don’t partake in tours. Would definitely try one of the tours next time going by their service this time round.
— Ananda Centre

FAQ - Bike Rentals

Commonly asked question about bicycle rentals in Ericeira.

Q: Is Ericeira a good place to use a bicycle as the primary means of transportation during vacations?

A: You can definitely rely on the bike to go to most places if you intend to stay primarily in the area and are close to town. In peak of summer, especially weekends, it will be a lot easier to park the bike instead of a car in Foz do Lizandro, Ribeira d’Ilhas or S. Lourenço, however, you should also expect some busy roads and some steep climbs if you go further than Foz do Lizandro and Ribeira d’Ilhas.

Q: I am staying just outside of Ericeira, is the bike a good option?

A: Depends on where you are exactly and where you want to go. The Ericeira area is fairly hilly, staying outside town may mean at least one long climb every time you want to get back. Our bikes have a good gear range to make it as effortless as possible, but you should take that into account before you decide to book a rental bike.

Q: Is it easy to carry a surf board on the bike to all the surf spots?

A: For now, we would say it’s not easy to get to all of the surf spots with a board on the rack, but between Foz do Lizandro and Ribeira d’Ilhas, a bike + rack is a good choice if you have a short board. If you own a long-board, those are a bit challenging to carry around on the bike, so our recommendation is to give it a try for a day if you haven’t done it before.

Q: Do you rent surf boards or surf equipment?

A: No, we do not rent any surf related gear, our focus is cycling only.

Q: Do you rent electric bicycles or scooters?

A: No, we do not rent electric bicycles, nor electric scooters. We do like the idea of the e-bike as the replacement for the car, but our focus is on offering a quality product and service at a good price.. unfortunately, good e-bikes still have a very high acquisition and maintenance cost, so, for now, we’re sticking to the good old pedal powered bicycles and have chosen the most suitable type of bike for the area.

Q: Can you provide trail maps with the rentals?

A: We do not provide trail maps nor GPS equipment rentals! We can give some tips about where to get some off-road biking, but to get to the more challenging trails we feel a map would not be of much help either.. the trail network is not marked, it is spread across a wide area and not all the tracks are in good condition all the time (we recommend our guided tours in that case). Local knowledge here makes a difference and since we also maintain a lot of the trails ourselves, we know which ones are in best shape at any given point in time.

Q: What are the top attractions to go on a bike?

A: Riding to São Julião beach by the coastline and Ribeira d’Ilhas are locations are definitely the top 2. A visit to Palácio de Mafra is also possible (10km) though the main road (N116), which features a cycle path and some cycling friendly areas, but still not the whole way. If you’re feeling adventurous, it’s also possible to explore the Lizandro valley a bit by following the river upstream for a few kilometers on easy dirt paths.

Very professional, flexible and friendly staff. We rented 15 bikes for the day. Definitely recommend it !
— Louis B