Lizandro Trails


The finest selection of mountain bike trails on the Lizandro valley! The top choice for those looking for fun and adrenaline on top of the bike!

Duration: 4 hours
Price: 40€
Start times: Every Day, starting in the morning or early afternoon (booking required)

Quality Mountain Bike + Helmet + MIAS certified guide + Insurance included.

Tour highlights

  • Expect kilometers of natural flowy mountain bike trails, as the Lizandro valley is our bike park!

  • Most mountain bike trails are based on ancient, hundreds of years old footpaths. These stopped being used by people decades ago, but have been re-opened and/or maintained by local organizations and the Ericeira Bike crew themselves in the last few years.

  • Very natural landscape and diverse scenery, with little asphalt/road and only a handful of rural towns.

  • Possibility of uplifts at select tracks if you’re looking for something more downhill oriented (extra costs apply, get in touch for details).



Further Information

  • Available all year long (booking required).

  • The ride features singletrack (cross-country/all mountain style) trails, but also has some flat sections and some challenging climbs. We cross some asphalt roads only when there is no other option and only for short periods.

  • The actual route you ride can be tailored to your tastes and level of fitness.

  • There is a wide variety of mountain bike trails, some of the best in Portugal, it’s impossible to squeeze it all in just one ride.


What you get

  • Well maintained mountain bicycles and quality helmets.

  • MIAS Certified Guide, suitable from entry level and up to proficient riders.

  • Water bottle.

  • Insurance.

  • Transfer to the starting point.

  • Nice pictures of you riding a mountain bike.

  • Lots of good memories.

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